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Comworks Tech. A human-code company



We believe in technology and its potential to solve the most complex problems in the world.

In Comworks Technologies, we place software to serve people so they can get the best results when facing their biggest challenges.



Software development

Providing expert development of custom software applications and bespoke software. We specialize in web application development for Cloud and Cloud Migration. Our team will help deploy your web products to Amazon Web Services


We build joint working parties, where the customer itself is part of the consulting process. Through this close collaboration, we ensure that the final outcome is as rich as possible, both in terms of knowledge of business and technology.

Software Bots

The bots interact with users just like a human would do they read and write messages, automate operations, transactions or workflows. We develop bot applications, which fully meet your business goals and take into account your industry specifics.


When you must be agile, you need an agile partner

We develop software following an agile methodology. Requirements and solutions evolve accordingly to the needs of the project and decisions are early taken in a shared manner.



For all these reasons and because we know that technology must be understood in a different way, we decided we had to reinvent our company.

  • Because we believe in the value of individuals and their ideas against the simple accumulation of documents.
  • Because after 11 years we have learned that following a plan means being prepared to adapt to the changes that appear along the way.
  • Because we build software to solve problems, not create them or turn them into other problems.

Our company


We place technology at the service of people so that they can give the best of themselves when they do their most important work.


The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. "Albert Einstein"

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